Enterprise Architecture – Academic Perspective for Classified Website

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), the united states Department of Defence (DoD) as well as other business and technology government bodies possess some ideas in keeping that enterprise is one of the structure of systems or enterprise, their components, and just how the constituents fit and interact to actualize objectives.

A framework describes how organisations develop, manage, and employ information technology to optimally support its business functions. While a company is really a business or organisation created to make a product or give a service, Architecture is the style of any kind of structure, whether physical or conceptual, real or virtual. Enterprise architecture is really a proper information asset base, which defines the company mission, the information essential to carry out the mission, the technologies essential to carry out the mission, and also the transitional process for applying technology as a result of the altering mission needs USA Federal CIO Council.

In the above however it’s been easy to draw out of the various definitions the important thing subjects of EA, that are architecture, elements, enterprise, and merchandise or results


A Company Architecture framework is really a communication model for developing Enterprise Architecture. The significance of EA to organisations cannot be over emphasised. Organisations are motivated by the matter that they require EA to stay competitive and support business continuity which is because Enterprise architecture is really a framework that describes how organisations develop, manage, and employ information technology to optimally support its business functions.

Utilizing an architecture framework will accelerate and simplify architecture development, ensure more complete coverage from the designed solution, and make sure the architecture selected enables for future growth as a result of the requirements of the company. However, for clearness and ease the Enterprise Architecture framework discussion will be restricted to TOGAF, DODAF, and ZACHMAN.


The Zachman Framework that was initially created by John Zachman within the 1980s at IBM is becoming broadly adopted because of it Organisations it is because the framework provides a obvious mapping from the important elements into describable category which aside being logical may also aid the simple use of this framework. The important thing elements are Data (what), function (How), Network (where), People (who), Time (when), and motivation (why).

The Zachman framework summarises an accumulation of perspectives based on architecture. Individuals perspectives are described inside a two-dimensional matrix which has axes based on the kind of stakeholders and part of the architecture. The posts correspondingly, represent different factors or views of organisations architecture.

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